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What is an Executive Coach? What do they do?

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a profession that involves partnering with clients to inspire them to achieve their full personal and professional potential. This process is often facilitated by certified executive and professional coaches, such as those recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), who can help clients unlock previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

The primary objective of executive and professional coaching is to help leaders enhance their strengths, address their blind spots, and change behaviors that can impact their personal and business growth. It can be particularly helpful for those in new roles, facing an increasing scope of work, or feeling stuck in their current executive or professional position.


What Does an Executive Coach Do?

The role of an executive coach is to help high-achieving executives and professionals assess and enhance their strengths, identify gaps, cultivate their talents, and increase their leadership effectiveness. They do this by asking questions, listening, pointing out inconsistencies, noticing trends in behavior, calling out blind spots, and challenging clients to go deeper. Coaches create a safe space for clients to focus on their specific needs and wants for their future. See here for more about what they help you achieve. 


How do I hire an Executive Coach?

Typically, executive coaches are hired by the company or at the request of an executive or professional who could benefit from an outside, objective, and non-judgmental support person.

Executives and professionals may also reach out to coaches individually for one-to-one sessions for professional growth, career changes, and personal development.

Organizations may hire executive coaches to support executives identified as change agents. Regardless of the reason for seeking an executive coach, the goal is to foster professional and personal development for the benefit of employees, companies, and individual clients' personal lives.


Email or schedule a chemistry connection on the site to learn more about what an executive coach can help you achieve.


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