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Traditional Coaching
& Creativity Services

Orange Bridge Advisory specializes in combining traditional coaching techniques and offers the option to use creativity in the workplace in unique ways. Review our list of traditional and/or creative coaching services offered below.

Contact us with questions for further explanation on how we can tailor our approach to your individual, organizational, or retreat workshop needs. The best part about being creative is the ability to brainstorm new ideas to directly work for you. We are always up for a challenge!

Individual 1- to -1 Coaching Sessions

Traditional or Creative Focused Options

We provide 1-to-1 executive and leadership coaching to clients from multiple industries and organization types. Our services are tailored to your specific needs: options include traditional or creative coaching. With our specialization being in fostering a creative mindset, our goals are to support you in become a more agile and effective leader. Our passion for creativity improves colleague and team relationships; meeting effectiveness; expands our client's ability to communicate in all aspects of the workplace; and fosters a psychologically safe environment. 


Workshops Tailored to Organizational Needs

Traditional or Creative Focused Options 

We thrive on creating workshops for organizations of all sizes.

Topics for our previous workshops include:

  • Fostering creative environments in the workplace to fill a variety of workplace leadership and employee gaps.

  • Using creativity of all types (no, we are not going to paint or draw) as an opportunity for self- and team-focused awareness for workplace leadership.

  • Using creativity to more effectively communicate and build psychologically safe environments. This can help to maintain a collaborative individual, team, and organization-wide benefits to solve challenging issues or problems in meaningful ways.


Team Building Retreat or Conference Workshops

Traditional or Creative Focused Options

Creativity is meant to be exploratory and engaging. When we incorporate our process into retreat or conference workshops you will walk away feeling refreshed and inspired for more meaningful connections in the workplace and your personal life. And, we guarantee you will have fun in the process.

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